Saturday, December 14, 2002

hello! back from china! it was pretty cool but the toilets were shit. literally.

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

i could be james dean of the music scene
i could be a big star like that man called queen
i could have fly moves be a dancefloor dream
but if she can't seem to notice me
then what's it worth now

daniel bedingfield is so hot! i just bought his cd from tower records two days ago and it's damn good. serious. so much better than justin timberlake's justified which i kinda bought on impulse and because like i love you had a great music vid. i'm off to china tomorrow- nice and chilly haha. till then...

i wanna know if you’re busy
i wanna know if you're doing anything tonight
i wanna know if you missed me
i wanna know baby
i wanna know
i wanna know

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

bayern play lens tuesday morning 2.45am- alongside with man u vs. leverkusen and the rest.
go bayern!

heh heh. i think i've received just about all the prelim results i actually dared to look forward to. ms. choo seems to have this knack of making results sound worse than they actually are. as one of the precious few who attempted the topic "medical advances are more harmful than beneficial. discuss", i was decidedly worried when she announced that the people who did that didn't do very well. at least it turned out fine.

Sunday, September 22, 2002

just watched the replay of the highlights of the bayern-deportivo match. makaay's hat-trick was a fluke! hah. but bayern's defence was disappointing- especially thomas linke. standing there like a twerp waiting for the offside flag to be raised while makaay waltzed past and fired the shot home through kahn's legs. can't believe i brought myself to say that.

19.09.2002 | It is the 93rd minute in the Munich Olympic stadium, and Oliver Kahn is making his way to his opponents’ penalty area for the third or fourth time, determined to do whatever he can to prevent Bayern slipping to defeat in their first Champions’ League encounter of this season’s campaign.

The sight of Kahn striding forward at the death whenever his team is a goal down with seconds remaining is nothing new. But on this occasion there were to be no last minute heroics. “I try and create confusion in the box, though most of the time nothing comes of it,” the man regarded as the best keeper in the world said after the 3-2 defeat at the hands of Deportivo La Coruna.

hahaha you know it'd be waaaaaaaay cool if he were to score the equaliser? i hope he's given the chance to sometime in the future ;) don't think that kinda thing has happened before.

i like his spirit. serious.

Friday, September 13, 2002

lit paper was a fiasco! guess what came out for r&j pbq? the used-to-death quote. one of the few (thankfully) that yil prides herself in knowing, albeit all too well. where is your mother? and i even thumbed through the book this morning to show her the context! poo. i guess it comes in second after you are a saucy boy but anyway that came out for midyears so it probably wouldn't make a reappearance.

maybe it goes to show that those seemingly insignificant quotes are of great importance. guess i'll be waiting for humours! madman! passion! lover! for the Os.

well anyway the prelims are halfway through- and it's evident that a greater power than i can contradict hath thwarted my intents of entering an esteemed junior college for the first three months of next year. what luck.

Saturday, August 31, 2002

it's the first day of september! prelims are, err... well, about a week and a day away?

i've been in week five mode for like, one hell of a time.

anyway yeah. this is the ultimate mugging week! no internet after this! whoops.

have you ever experienced a situation where you kinda find that your morals are being slowly eroded away by the people around you- your community and yeah, basically the folks you spend the bulk of your time with. err besides parents, i meant. i guess that's what's been happening to me. some of my ideals have gotten warped and i'm finding that there are things that i now deem acceptable just because it's mainstream-- stuff that i wouldn't have condoned before this mindset switch.

and i've gone into things i know i shouldn't be going into.

anyway there's a particular issue that's been on my mind for about a month or so. initially i thought it was gonna be all sorted out, but somehow or other that just didn't happen. instead i've seemed to be circling around eternally. and right now i'm at a sort of crossroads. where the next decision i make dictates whether i climb or fall. pooooo.

i had a talk with josh at pacific coffee in parkway before service yesterday. i guess it's been something i've been putting off for a real long time. since weeks back i've been promising to email him but somehow or other i couldn't bring myself to give it up and say what i've been going through. it gets unbearably mortifying at times as well. and now it's gotten to this point where i really can't hold on any longer. there's not really anyone much i can talk to about this stuff... but i guess it just came naturally to talk to josh because yeah, i guess he'd be able to help me with this. so i did, and he did.

we talked some more after service (at spinelli, this time. -- umm guess what? i heard "i could never take the place of your man" there! way cool!) and i guess that helped clear my mind (together with a divinely applicable sermon-- thanks, God!). i guess what's leading me to hold on and not let go is the prospect of gratification. in more ways than one. that's the motivation behind the situation. it's a struggle. and i know my decision is gonna hurt certain people real deeply. i'm sorry, but that's what i've got to do. i've got to be objective and understand fully the consequences that will result after this decision.

still struggling. the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak . i'm taking this one step at a time. it helps to know that there are people around who truly care about you. feels great.

it's a case of mind over matter.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

hello. guan's peering excitedly at my computer screen, saying with an air of absolute wonder you've revised? wow! oh.
well i really should be getting back to this after that most unwelcome hijacking by guan zhen. :) you should be getting back to your lit.

so she says.
so i should.

oh well.

it's e.lit now and our most prodigious class of nine, scattered far and wide around the wide area of computer lab four. this is the first (and most probably only) slacker lit class we'll ever have. miss choo's ill, i believe. we were assigned a passage-based question each. music from the calling camino palmero is blaring from a side of the lab. pretty funky atmosphere, i say.

well no one seems to have remembered the passage-based as yet.

Monday, August 05, 2002

|| bayern steals real's thunder ||

real madrid 1(figo 84pen) bayern munich 2(ballack 27pen, salihamidzic 64)

talk about domination... :) you go, kahn!

ooh there's lots of work to do. i feel particularly accomplished due to the fact that i have completed revision of several chemistry topics which concepts have somehow proved marvelously elusive the last two years. feels great. i think several teachers in our school have been influenced through seeing a bunch of sec fours kicking a ball round a field few days in a row. this morning, there was this announcement that went: football. are you suffering from post-world cup hangover? blahblahblahblah. join us on wednesday three thirty at the field in front of the school for a leisurely kickaround session. do bring your size five balls. -ooh-er!- jointly organised by miss loo and mr tang -d'ohhh- intriguing. but Os are coming! sheeeeeesh. e.lit file due tomorrow... gawd.

From a personal point of view, Kahn feels that despite his masterful performance for the national team at the World Cup finals, he will still be treated the same way by opposing fans at away matches. “Now I have stopped being Germany’s Kahn and am Bayern’s Kahn again. And the opposition’s fans will still be up to their old tricks against us.”

But Oliver Kahn would not be Oliver Kahn if he didn’t see this in a positive light. “My motivation often comes from confrontation and negative comments.” A 33 year old at the top of his profession is not easily distracted.

boy am i motivated!

2:1 against AC Milan – perfect integration

04.08.2002 | Much attention was focused on the integration of the newcomers to Bayern Munich and the Munich giants gave their own inimitable answer. New Bayern stars Michael Ballack and Zé Roberto both won free kicks following solo runs which were put away by “old guard” members Michael Tarnat (21st minute) and Mehmet Scholl (74th minute). The victory over AC Milan puts Bayern Munich in the final against the hosts of the Real Madrid centenary tournament on Sunday night.

With the untried midfield combination of Nico Kovac, Michael Ballack, Jens Jeremies and Markus Feulner, Ottmar Hitzfeld’s team got off to a slow start. AC Milan took full advantage and dominated in the first quarter of an hour. Andrej Schevchenko passed to Dario Simic on the right wing, whose floating ball to the penalty spot was sent to the back of the net by Filippo Inzaghi’s swivelling shot. Oliver Kahn had no chance of preventing Milan from taking the lead.

The goal stung Bayern, in particular Michael Ballack, into action. The new signing from Bayer Leverkusen took more and more control of the game and was responsible for Bayern’s best scenes. When he was fouled just outside the penalty area in the 21st minute; Michael Tarnat equalised with a low, hard free kick, which Milan’s keeper Abbiati saw too late.

Bayern then piled on the pressure, with a 30 yard effort from Jens Jeremies just going wide. Next, a taste of things to come for the Bayern fans. A lovely flowing sequence from Ballack to Elber to striker Zickler, who was narrowly beaten 10 yards out by the oncoming Italian keeper.

Feulner and a lively Scholl both missed taking the lead for Bayern. At the other end, a searing 20 yard strike from Clarence Seedorf was saved by the masterly Kahn. Then came the moment of Zé Roberto and Scholl. In his first minute on the pitch, the ex-Leverkusener made a solo run towards goal and was fouled. The subsequent free kick was planted in the back of the net by a curling 25 yard Mehmet Scholl speciality, making it 2-1 for Bayern.

AC Milan turned up the pressure in the final 15 minutes but failed to make any impact on the Bayern defence, with Kahn continuing in his World Cup form and preventing the Italian outfit from equalising.

Bayern: Kahn – Tarnat (46. Salihamidzic), Linke (R. Kovac), Kuffour, Thiam – N. Kovac. Jeremies, Ballack (46. Scholl), Feulner (70. Zé Roberto) – Zickler, Elber (46. Pizarro)

Sunday, August 04, 2002

it's been a long while since i posted stuff here. well it's sunday 4th august, which makes it a grand total of a month and five days to prelims. awww shucks. that's like real soon.
just tried to play a shooting game found in the fcbayern website and was accosted by a lengthy list of instructions (in german, of course!), skipped it, wondered just exactly how do i do this and moved the cursor around frantically trying to score goals accompanied by what sounded remotely like a chorus of boos emitted from the speakers. no prizes for guessing what the final score was. trying to console myself with the fact that with netminders like kahn, that's pretty understandable.

and i was trying to ascertain just when kahn did away with his horrendous blonde mop by viewing picture galleries of differing intervals. i have come to a conclusion that his new do was derived in the short space of four days, between training on 4th sept 2001 and the match with borussia dortmund on 8th sept. cool. hahahaaa.

the things i do.

oh well. be back another day.

FC BAYERN vs. REAL MADRID sunday 21:30 PT |real madrid invitationals FINAL|


Saturday, August 03, 2002

Soccer-Bayern recover to beat AC Milan 2-1 in Madrid

Filippo Inzaghi scored the opener on 10 minutes but free kicks from Michael Tarnat and Mehmet Scholl lifted Bayern to victory, earning them a place against hosts Real in Sunday's final.

The Italians will go on to play Liverpool, beaten 2-0 by Real Madrid on Friday, in a consolation match before the final.
AC Milan's star signing Rivaldo, snapped up from Real's Spanish rivals Barcelona, was at the Bernabeu to watch as Milan made a lively start.
A Dario Simic run and cross from the right set up Inzaghi for the first goal, the Italian international hooking the ball past Oliver Kahn from the edge of the box.
Bayern were level on 22 minutes as Tarnat was teed up on the edge of the box to lash the ball low into the far corner.
Serginho was just over the bar from Andriy Shevchenko's lay-off on 30 minutes as AC Milan came back and, after the break, Clarence Seedorf struck the frame of the goal with a powerful shot from outside the box.
AC Milan were in charge thanks to some slick passing in midfield and Seedorf forced a great save from Kahn just past the hour mark with another menacing run and shot.

Bayern kept their cool, however, and the German side clinched victory with Scholl's dipping free kick on 74 minutes.

updated at Sat Aug 3 20:29:25 2002 PT

Sunday, July 28, 2002

JORDAN KNIGHT 's new single sounds hella good! it's called "like that"... maaaaaaaan it rocks! ;)

c'mon baby give it to me i wanna get it on like that
reminds me of give it to you. ah well. do download it!

it's got rather strong spanish influences... very mexican-sounding. ah cool. you can download it here-

it's been released in the states but not in singapore. great dance grooves! im envisioning something funky with lotsa hiphop breaking like in the gity music vid... awww shucks he rocks.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

error five-o-three STILL happens at home. oh well. at least that's the blogging distraction gone from my self-imposed studying regime. my parents have consented to several Good Things if i ace my prelims and Os... they involve things like kahn's jersey and i guess that's motivation enough. now i just can't get that blonde-haired blue-eyed kahnster outta my head.

wonderful. oh yeah i've completed Chapter One since the last time i posted. now i'm staring at a blank screen and wondering how exactly to go about Chapter Two. ah wellus. the whole process repeats itself. we have darned chem prac after this. chem prac is most undoubtedbly the Bane Of My Life. but actually it gets pretty quirky sometimes. flame tests were enjoyable, but i can't exactly say the same about spilling dilute hydrochloric acid on a sore finger. sometimes i doubt the "dilute" in dilute hcl.

i used to say i didn't do it but i did it
telling everybody that i wasn't with it
though it brings tears to my eyes i can feel it
and i know inside that i'm gonna be alright

| i'm gonna be alright - j.lo feat nas |

Monday, July 15, 2002

yo. trying to complete Chapter One, without very much success. it's kind of weird trying to write about somalia when the only stuff i've seen of it is "black hawk down". anyway i'm not even focusing on mogadishu here. oh wellus. i made a list of Things To Do when i got home from school today. so far i've finished about three things out of six. hopefully i won't slack and complete the rest. i've got absolutely zero inspiration. this is pretty bad.

played a bit of soccer after school today. tried out the huiqing-fengyi partnership, which wasn't bad since there didn't seem to be anything (or anyone) resembling a goalkeeper round. wonderful day for hat-tricks. it was pretty cool though. we even managed a beautiful cross. soccer's damn nice to play. okay let me get back to my essay.

to my extreme disgust, i've realised that error 503 happens at home.

Sunday, July 14, 2002

ooh my blog works! error 503 popped up yesterday i was so freakin worried. oh well. back to Chapter One on Female Genital Mutilation.

what did i ever say about oliver kahn at coro? huh?? i don't know what you're talking about, grace or sze. whatever. oliver kahn's at my house. he had a rather animated conversation with xinying via msn just the other day. i should know.

minority report was a really good movie. thought-provoking... kind of like a psychological thriller. i say cruise was great in that flick. the cruise-spielberg partnership is whack!

have you ever dreamed of flying high
looking down from heaven with God's eyes
you know
we could use some intervention
children needing your protection
it's not enough to sing this song
lift the cup and pass it on

| live for LOVE UNITED |

Thursday, July 11, 2002

oh well. yeah i've realised i post rather sporadically on this blog. listening to /hero/ by chad kroeger now. i think it's a really great song. somehow or other, it reminds me of ollie kahn. today was a strange sort of day. the computers in the library don't half work. it took me all of twenty minutes to find a decent desktop, one that actually possessed an internet connection, working keyboard and mouse. one particular computer actually fizzled. yeah it fizzled. jits was like turn it off, you! hurry! and i went what the #$%^& i might just get my brains fried under the table well at least i managed to turn it off with a quick toe poke.

grace's oliver and i'm kahn. sounds promising, doesn't it? well hopefully it works out, somehow or other. yeah anyway just like about the whole basketball gang's gone with the worldcup craze. now instead of the basketball court, our haunt during recess is the spot between the sci/tech block and bball court. two lovely palm trees there provide excellent goalposts. my only gripe are the multitude of stone blocks on the grass patch there, presumably Paths for Fire Engines To Take In The Event of An Emergency. well we've grown somewhat attached to these stony-faced locals, and even christened them lovingly. well i can't exactly remember their exact names. just that rivaldo happens to be this obtrusive L-shaped stone patch in front of the goal, and roberto carlos a little round dome. kinda suits him, i must say. they're pretty effective.

Sunday, July 07, 2002

theflyingkahn! theflyingkahn! ooh. lovely long youthday weekend... just the kind of weekends i fancy. masquerading as oliver kahn now and xinying seems to be none the wiser. i guess that's self-explanatory.

Monday, July 01, 2002

so the World Cup's over and brazil's won. well yeah they played good and all... but i feel horribly sad at the look on oliver kahn's face after the whistle blew. to lose after such a great tournament. yeah i don't feel like saying very much about it here... maybe sometime else.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

that, as usual, was silly xinying. ah well. OLIVER KAHN so rocks!! i am so in awe. his full-length diving save was spectacular... maaaaan. it's great that germany has defeated s.korea... kahn said in an interview about two weeks back that the german team's ultimate goal was to get into the finals of the world cup. maaaaan they've done it! wonderful birthday present for kahn, who turned 33 on 15th june. oh and by the way, people born in June rock. just proving my point. ah well.

oh and if anyone still HASN'T BOUGHT ME A PRESENT (shame on you) you can always get me kahn's jersey. NUMBER ONE! yeah man. okay i'm gonna play bball with the rest now.

Monday, June 24, 2002

good morning.
u forgot to log out.

just a holler to all of you out there. haven't touched this blog in eons, due to the muddled up internet connection at home. oh well. just to let you know, i'm getting broadband in a coupla days. cool. my loyalty has shifted to pacific internet. perhaps y'all could expect a more developed blog next month after i get my account. heheh. yeah well due to the unattainability of certain birthday wishes #coughh# i wouldn't half mind an official FIFA World Cup 2002 adidas football. y'know... the lovely red-gold-white one. the camera sometimes zooms in on the ball on the field just before someone takes a corner kick at times. yeah that one. heheheh. football and basketball rock.

seriously, i think south korea has gotten too far in the world cup. maaaaan and it's lotsa due to like unfair refereeing and all. whaddaya mean, calling spain offside when they clearly weren't? darn. oh well. i throw my support behind the germans now, even though they beat the team from USA which was one of my faves. heheheh. their goalie Oliver Kahn rocks. i've christened him the Rock Of Ages. he brings a new meaning to unshakeable. that means he must be hard.... um. ;)

Friday, June 07, 2002

heheh. hey. i'm back to post again, at nina's house this time. oh yes. another birthday wish could be a LA Lakers jersey, no. 8 please. the shorts too, if you wouldn't mind. kobe bryant rocks! i'm in awe. that's all i can say. xy and nina are downstairs watching the fourth quarter of the match (finals game 1, videotaped), just thought i'd pop upstairs for a bit to update this blog. ah well.

basketball so rocks. hahahaaa. in spite of the numerous sprains and bumps that come as a result of playing. anyway yes. both xy and nina are staring wide-eyed at the screen.

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

good morning everyone. i'm sitting in front of the computer in the sticky sweaty hot classroom of four-thirteen at roughly seven twenty-five in the morning. rachel's at the benches outside... i guess no one else is around yet. anyway. today is the official launch of my blog! heheh. it being mark wahlberg's birthday and all. HAPPY 31st BIRTHDAY, MARK! you're still as hot as ever hahaha ;). -oh those ABS- wellus. anyway i just realised that darren hayes is going to be on the "all day thursday" interview by perfect 10 tomorrow. now i'm just wondering how we're gonna catch it, because i don't quite trust recording technology anymore. i guess you know why.

it's quite funny the way i heard that d.hayes was gonna be on... i was like listening to perfect 10 last night at about the say it with music/ late night show time, and i was kinda continually hoping that one of his songs would suddenly air. but i kind of forgot about it after a while. then all of a sudden this Very Familiar oh-so-angelic voice came on... "Well, it'll take quite a long time for people to know who Darren Hayes is..." with insatiable playing softly in the background. When i heard that i kind of jolted up immediately at once, leaped to the radio and tweaked the volume control two-fold, and soaked myself in the blissful lilt of his voice. then daniel ong's voice came on and said blah blah something or other about hayes being on all day thursday this week. aaahhh. lovely. oops i meant darren, not daniel. ONG.

ooh darren you rock my world hahaha. okay i shall try to make another post later. gosh. gotta go to the audi for mdm mak's reproval #i bet# soon. report books today! what luck.

ah wellus. i'm still pretty new to the whole idea of blogging, as i'm not exactly able to access the net from home or anyth, so i can't like experiment or something for the time being. well. lately, many people have been asking me what i'd like for my birthday. how extremely strange. i don't normally get such nice requests. yeah since you all seem rather obliging and magnanimous, i guess i'd better utilise this opportunity before it passes me by.

Things / Non-Things Fengyi Would Like Very Much For Her Birthday.

1. darren hayes
2. jordan knight
3. mark wahlberg.
4. #ahem ahem#.
the abovementioned are all the non-things. i'm a long-term sort of person, NO one-night stands please.

5. urban xchange's debut release "how did we get here"
6. a hi-fi set
7. the very nice sleeveless shirt from 77th street.
8. a nice radio walkman thingamajig.
9. darren hayes' shoes! those he wore in the album cover/ shooting of insatiable
10. a leather converse basketball

am i being too demanding? oh wow. well that's all for now... as soon as i remember more stuff i'll put it on. how'd you like that. ;)

played basketball whole lots today. before school, during recess, and after school. we're complete bball fanatics.
our team kicks some ass ;) c'mon folks we better thrash weilin's team tomorrow! we rock! hahahaaa just providing a boost to morale. ah wellus. healthy obsession though. heh heh. world cup fever now. it's strange... there's what i call the coffeeshop scenario. The coffeeshop is the gathering place of ah peks, ah bengs, and the occasional white-collar worker. Eyes riveted towards the small television screen, with glazed looks in their eyes. And every so often, a collective sigh or yell will be emitted, coupled with hand-pumping actions. Really interesting. i don't particularly dig soccer... but i guess the world cup's pretty cool to watch. oh well. i'd rather NBA... thing is, i seem to be unable to tune in to any of the matches. sad. oh well.

okay i guess i'll be leaving nina's house soon with xy to head to parry pri school and shoot some hoops #what did i ever tell you about being obsessed#

mood : pooped. pretty tired.
song on my brain : "pop" by *N SYNC #hey they're not just any boyband! they're real musicians!#

Monday, June 03, 2002

ah! ooh yay. i shall officially begin blogging on the FIFTH of JUNE, which is also mark wahlberg's birthday. ooh lovely. wonderful. see. now all is good and gay. yay. i am actually supposed to be doing yileng's testimonial now, but i don't seem to have gotten very far in that particular aspect. any surprise? hahahaha oh yes y'all can eagerly anticipate the rationale behind darren hayes' heart! ooh yeah.

ooh lovely! i have succeeded! sorry folks, but there is NO CHAOS BLOG anymore. oh so sad.

i officially claim this blog for my Very Own Use. since it seems like i won't ever be able to create another one. poop. ah wellus. so there.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

blogging freaking sucks. stupid blogspot. why can't i even create the damned blog huh?

sucks maaaaaan. well i guess i'll just have to put some stuff here for the time being. ah well. maybe i should create a livejournal acc? but i detest livejournal. it looks horrible. sucks man. stupid stupid stupid. and i wanted to type so much stuff. freaking blogspot. YOU SUCK man.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

heheheh i hope this works. let me try.

Saturday, May 18, 2002

hi there~
bored now and it's late
i should be going to bathe now...hahah.


Saturday, April 27, 2002

hmmmz.. seems like this blog's getting quieter and quieter...:)
oh welLz:)
EVERYONE should watch the U channel show 'Plain Love 2'
it's beautifuL:)
oh hey! A4A can be aspiration of the As too... oh welLz:):):)
i have very nice sourCes of amusements:) *grInz*and qinGz...
u'lL just have to happily and patiently wait for your belated presents:)
have fun:)
i'm bored. very bored. utterly bored. no wait. i'm not bored.
i'm restless
very restless.
extremely restless
and fungi's logging in and out and in and out and in and out.
- come closer - (plain love's theme song) has been voted (won?) as one of the best theme songs ever:):):)
such a smooth blend of simplicity, tea and love. hahaha:)


Wednesday, April 24, 2002

ooh lovely. i aspire towards my t e n A1s. does everyone get that? who wants to join me? um. oh yeah huiqing baby... we need to get started on our A4A... heh heh ;) speaking of WASHBOARDS indeed.

stressed... ooooohhh la laaaaa lovely. ;)

Monday, April 22, 2002

first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY QING...

ok peeps, this is the 4th member of 'eyd speaking
i shall contribute to this blog...
chaos over, but sad to say, i failed to provide much assistance to the group...
dun mind me, i'm on an attempt to improve my range of vocab...
anyway, i guess all we have to do now is to wait patiently for the results to be announced and there's nothing much that we can do besides that...
hm.. am i talking crap?
erm... btw, thanks for all the support and understanding, peeps...
u pple r GREAT...

'eyd all the way

Saturday, April 20, 2002

- can you feel the love tonight,
how it's laid to rest
it's enough to make kings and vagabonds
beLieve the very best -
hmmmz.. chaos over:) never been so delighted (can't use the word happy) before.. hahaha:)
- walking on a math of fear,
see your faces everywhere-
listening to music now... can you all telL?:)
shall go out tomorrow with my mum:)... haven't done so for eternity... hahaa:)
and i'm NOT daisy...
i feel a bit... -touched-

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

f***ing c h a o s n phy test...
made daisy cry
didn't do very much for us either........
wtf maaaaaaan.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Ch-AOS we storm the house
' e y d we rock

Ch-AOS we storm the house
' e y d we rock!
hello peeps
cos i have been typing that stupid email that got deleted halfway.
i'm afraid that i wouldn't be able to type much now
tired lah, my hands
and i shall just say that i'm still very innocent. *inno*

i'm amused by what the guys have been spaming, erm i meant everyone. guys do not mean boys only...too tired to backspace too. haa=)
hmm u arh, fengyi! ur parody of an email. quite funny to compare and look at the two emails when u put them side by side.
maybe i should do that. provide entertainment esp. urs
haha daisy toots indeed

gtg now. been typing for a long time...hah. another hour b4 xy will wake up
hi tootsie!

even if u were broke
but love dont cost a thing

hmm. listenin to th remix of 'love don't cost a thing', and flippin aimlessly thru th pile of drug design books at my feet. the scanned pics suck. sorry maaaan. chaos deadline is approaching... and someone went to sleep. oh wellus. xinying, you had better wake up in time and complete the damned thing. dweeb.

so what will i be doing tonight? i have like three chapters of hcl left to cram... pathetico. thinkin of downing a cuppa to keep myself awake. haven't had a decent night's sleep in eons. and daisy toots obviously believes that yours truly is 69ing with someone or other tonight. i wish. I WISH.

i really do. don't look at me like that maaaan. / i can so read your mind / i can see in it your eyes /

freak. i am so n o t a corruptor of innocent young minds [awww gimme a break maaaaan] just being influential and exercising my authority by enlightening you on a couple o subjects. whatever you say. whatever.

im jez sippin on chamomile
im watchin boys and girls and their sex appeal
with a stranger in my face who says he knows my mom
and went to my high school

.:: no doubt - hey b a b y ::. ;)

[flashes markymark's naughty grin] ;þ
i am amused:)
EXTREMELY amused. i think shauna's like one day slow or somethin'
oh well:) i can't even remember what was discussed... qingz, can you? maybe you can ask shauna urself, fungi:)
- be there forever, don't seem like loneliness -
i rather like this blog thingie... nice place to type this in:)
nice and smooth font the way this just goes onto the screen... like those kinda extremely good quality paper with a very smooth and nice-to-feel surface:)
hey yeah! we got in... poor mainstream team though... i think miss lee kinda pitied all of us or something... hahaha:)
oh well...
- it's not the way i choose to be, 'cos somewhere something's gotta give -
don't you just love the way the words get onto screen so beautifully?:)
doing my penelope now... cyaZ!:)
- que sera sera, whatever will be, will be, the future's not us to see, que sera sera, what will be, will be -

freakin' higher chineeeeeese test tmr. and we still have yet to finish c h a o s.

anyhows how's it going for all of you... i haven't begun - gonna start on HCL first if not i'd prob flunk. real bad. this sucketh.

:: insatiable the way im lovin you ::

oh and im exceptionally curious on how come shauna approached me with a wide grin during recess today and squealed "tell me more about your crush! i've heard that he's got a hot bod!"

WAAAAAAIT. how did she know? i never uttered a word to her... s t r a n g e.

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Monday, April 15, 2002

[ ` e y d ]

enter with utmost reverence

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i am so freakin exhausted. cant go without sleep for too long maaaan. hands high as we fly by. th song by b l u e . wtf. enzymatic efficiency of drug-resistant HIV-1 RT variants indeed.

whats with question one d anyway? it wont be done. be gone with you. structure based drug design indeed. th chem structure of HIV-1 RT. im tired.

the moonlight plays upon your skin

a kiss that lingers takes me in

h a l l u c i n a t i o n s ...

where's everyone maaaaan. f r e a k . josh's online. i'm not talkin to anyone. chaos gets to everyone. its gettin to me now...