Saturday, April 27, 2002

hmmmz.. seems like this blog's getting quieter and quieter...:)
oh welLz:)
EVERYONE should watch the U channel show 'Plain Love 2'
it's beautifuL:)
oh hey! A4A can be aspiration of the As too... oh welLz:):):)
i have very nice sourCes of amusements:) *grInz*and qinGz...
u'lL just have to happily and patiently wait for your belated presents:)
have fun:)
i'm bored. very bored. utterly bored. no wait. i'm not bored.
i'm restless
very restless.
extremely restless
and fungi's logging in and out and in and out and in and out.
- come closer - (plain love's theme song) has been voted (won?) as one of the best theme songs ever:):):)
such a smooth blend of simplicity, tea and love. hahaha:)


Wednesday, April 24, 2002

ooh lovely. i aspire towards my t e n A1s. does everyone get that? who wants to join me? um. oh yeah huiqing baby... we need to get started on our A4A... heh heh ;) speaking of WASHBOARDS indeed.

stressed... ooooohhh la laaaaa lovely. ;)

Monday, April 22, 2002

first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY QING...

ok peeps, this is the 4th member of 'eyd speaking
i shall contribute to this blog...
chaos over, but sad to say, i failed to provide much assistance to the group...
dun mind me, i'm on an attempt to improve my range of vocab...
anyway, i guess all we have to do now is to wait patiently for the results to be announced and there's nothing much that we can do besides that...
hm.. am i talking crap?
erm... btw, thanks for all the support and understanding, peeps...
u pple r GREAT...

'eyd all the way

Saturday, April 20, 2002

- can you feel the love tonight,
how it's laid to rest
it's enough to make kings and vagabonds
beLieve the very best -
hmmmz.. chaos over:) never been so delighted (can't use the word happy) before.. hahaha:)
- walking on a math of fear,
see your faces everywhere-
listening to music now... can you all telL?:)
shall go out tomorrow with my mum:)... haven't done so for eternity... hahaa:)
and i'm NOT daisy...
i feel a bit... -touched-

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

f***ing c h a o s n phy test...
made daisy cry
didn't do very much for us either........
wtf maaaaaaan.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Ch-AOS we storm the house
' e y d we rock

Ch-AOS we storm the house
' e y d we rock!
hello peeps
cos i have been typing that stupid email that got deleted halfway.
i'm afraid that i wouldn't be able to type much now
tired lah, my hands
and i shall just say that i'm still very innocent. *inno*

i'm amused by what the guys have been spaming, erm i meant everyone. guys do not mean boys only...too tired to backspace too. haa=)
hmm u arh, fengyi! ur parody of an email. quite funny to compare and look at the two emails when u put them side by side.
maybe i should do that. provide entertainment esp. urs
haha daisy toots indeed

gtg now. been typing for a long time...hah. another hour b4 xy will wake up
hi tootsie!

even if u were broke
but love dont cost a thing

hmm. listenin to th remix of 'love don't cost a thing', and flippin aimlessly thru th pile of drug design books at my feet. the scanned pics suck. sorry maaaan. chaos deadline is approaching... and someone went to sleep. oh wellus. xinying, you had better wake up in time and complete the damned thing. dweeb.

so what will i be doing tonight? i have like three chapters of hcl left to cram... pathetico. thinkin of downing a cuppa to keep myself awake. haven't had a decent night's sleep in eons. and daisy toots obviously believes that yours truly is 69ing with someone or other tonight. i wish. I WISH.

i really do. don't look at me like that maaaan. / i can so read your mind / i can see in it your eyes /

freak. i am so n o t a corruptor of innocent young minds [awww gimme a break maaaaan] just being influential and exercising my authority by enlightening you on a couple o subjects. whatever you say. whatever.

im jez sippin on chamomile
im watchin boys and girls and their sex appeal
with a stranger in my face who says he knows my mom
and went to my high school

.:: no doubt - hey b a b y ::. ;)

[flashes markymark's naughty grin] ;รพ
i am amused:)
EXTREMELY amused. i think shauna's like one day slow or somethin'
oh well:) i can't even remember what was discussed... qingz, can you? maybe you can ask shauna urself, fungi:)
- be there forever, don't seem like loneliness -
i rather like this blog thingie... nice place to type this in:)
nice and smooth font the way this just goes onto the screen... like those kinda extremely good quality paper with a very smooth and nice-to-feel surface:)
hey yeah! we got in... poor mainstream team though... i think miss lee kinda pitied all of us or something... hahaha:)
oh well...
- it's not the way i choose to be, 'cos somewhere something's gotta give -
don't you just love the way the words get onto screen so beautifully?:)
doing my penelope now... cyaZ!:)
- que sera sera, whatever will be, will be, the future's not us to see, que sera sera, what will be, will be -

freakin' higher chineeeeeese test tmr. and we still have yet to finish c h a o s.

anyhows how's it going for all of you... i haven't begun - gonna start on HCL first if not i'd prob flunk. real bad. this sucketh.

:: insatiable the way im lovin you ::

oh and im exceptionally curious on how come shauna approached me with a wide grin during recess today and squealed "tell me more about your crush! i've heard that he's got a hot bod!"

WAAAAAAIT. how did she know? i never uttered a word to her... s t r a n g e.

[ fengyi ]

Monday, April 15, 2002

[ ` e y d ]

enter with utmost reverence

· behold the inner sanctum ·

i am so freakin exhausted. cant go without sleep for too long maaaan. hands high as we fly by. th song by b l u e . wtf. enzymatic efficiency of drug-resistant HIV-1 RT variants indeed.

whats with question one d anyway? it wont be done. be gone with you. structure based drug design indeed. th chem structure of HIV-1 RT. im tired.

the moonlight plays upon your skin

a kiss that lingers takes me in

h a l l u c i n a t i o n s ...

where's everyone maaaaan. f r e a k . josh's online. i'm not talkin to anyone. chaos gets to everyone. its gettin to me now...