Friday, February 28, 2003

six points! hardy har har! six A1s, two A2s and two B3s, inclusive of '01's chinese. guess it's okay, but maybe i got my hopes a little too high. well actually thinking back i shouldn't have expected much from chem and phy (my A2 subjects) since i'd only completed selected chapters from the textbooks when i sat for the Os. :] s-l-a-c-k-e-r. yes i know.

but overall i'm okay with my results. not ecstatically happy, since i've got this nagging feeling that i could have pushed myself a little bit harder and finished mugging those two sciences and perhaps get two more ones. but it's over and done with. oh wellus. one milestone behind me.

and now i'm faced with the dilemma of whether to stay in njc or leave for rj! it's not a question of patriotism/ passion/ love for the school -ahem- here, since i'd definitely pick nj any time over rj then. but the thing is, as zhiwei has mentioned several times, that there is definitely a difference between the standards of these two colleges, which is especially evident in e.lit. and i don't feel challenged enough in nj e.lit, to tell the truth. (though i'm very challenged in physical geography, which i know absolutely nothing about. sucks to combined humans) and ever since the rj open house i've wanted to go to rjc! gee- the atmosphere seems pretty lively and all. awww shucks i can't decide. leaving nj means forfeiting my chances of council, and i know i stand a pretty good chance at gaining the humans scholarship there as contrasted to rj. maaaaaan i'm in all of a dither.

and i've grown used to and adapted to people in njc- and even gotten to know a substantial number of councillors and house reps. talk about politics for campaigning. ;) oh and before i forget- nick foo's handshake has a marvelous effect on my bball shooting abilities. he joined us for a spot of bball after school on thurs- and jus before he left he came over to me, extended his palm to shake my hand, pat my arm and wish me "all the best for your results tomorrow". haha and my next coupla shots went in! heh.

oh yeah my friend just called and told me that in rjc the students are so smart that the teachers sit round and have tea breaks all day. is that true?

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

i got accosted after school by canoeists- which kinda ruined my day. earlier, i kind of thought that i had gotten everything worked out fine- that i'd announce my plan of quitting canoeing tomorrow morning together with peiling, so i'd be able to run for council with no worries. well anyway it didn't turn out like that. coming down the grandstand to meet jingying for touch- i wanted to try it out- i bumped into vivienne and some ex-canoeist girl called tanny or something. and they were coercing me into not quitting canoeing- saying stuff like we need you for T1 or K2 and we've already included you for SDBA competition and stuff like that. haha but one thing good about all that is that it makes you feel all-important and needed and very in control. ;) but that's not the point.

and to make things worse- they called two other seniors over and continued their tactics of making me stay in canoeing. so it went on and on for about half an hour, i think. and i've realised that canoeists in general quite detest student councillors- gosh minyan was quite brash about the SC which made me feel even worse- knowing that i'll probably be hated by the canoeists when i run for council. darn!

a very pissed me then retreated to the canteen after managing to shake off the canoeists with half-hearted promises that i'd tell them my decision by tomorrow. supposed to meet liwei to discuss the hssrp proposal but didn't have the mood for it, and entirely neglected the fact that i was supposed to go for touch practice too. but im really thankful for kelvin and this house rep, stella who came over then and they gave me some guidance on how to deal with my situation. i mean, hearing it from a councillor himself and a house rep- it makes you feel better cause you know that these are people who've gone through the process before.

Friday, February 07, 2003

quite looking forward to the reunion at ms. lee's house tomorrow- it's been quite a while since i've seen some of my ex-classmates! like you, sam! and huiyuan! the other hy i know! but that's another story. ;) well i hope it'll be fun. and that we'll all enjoy ourselves. and have a great time. yeah.

saw mr barber today for hssrp stuff. quite a number of us are pretty interested in it. but i'm not sure whether i'll be staying in arts or science- so i can't exactly make my decision. one of the projects that appears rather appealing is the one titled "political participation in singapore". and there's another one about the European Union, which sounds kinda good too. wellus. and i brought the book of hssrp reports we received a couple of years back during a symposium which we apparently went to. and barber was most delighted to see a paper titled "tourism and sustainable development"- realised it was on page twenty-seven, and eagerly rifled the pages to get there. geography teachers are all like that.

played a spot of basketball in the afternoon while waiting for huifang and liwei to end their general studies lesson at three. at least the teacher was so kind as to release them early- which is probably the case when you have only two students in your class and two hours face-to-face (especially with SUCH people ;) ) with them is more than enough to drive you nuts. oh yeah! and before i forget- liwei had a massive sneezing fit during math c lecture today, which caused miss chan to cock her head enquiringly at the commotion at the back of the LT, and ask very politely, amidst our stifled giggles, whether she would like to leave the LT. who wouldn't? so she did. heh.

those NJcians reading this- present and perhaps, even, future- VOTE ME FOR COUNCIL! heh! you've heard me at speakers' corner and you know i'm an extremely pro-NJ person! hahahaa! just taking this opportunity to plug my prospective campaign. oh yeah i'm campaigning with liwei- y'know, two for the price of one. that sorta thing. and theresa has been appointed our campaign manager! ha ha! yay.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

hey! im in barber's geog lesson now, but you're not supposed to tell him that. well actually im multi-tasking- trying to source pictures of the costa del sol, AND typing this. sheesh i think i ate too much during lunch. darn. i shouldn't eat this kind of thing again. but we have a free period later, just after geog. and guess what we're gonna do? we're gonna play bball! heh heh. i hope i don't get certain ex-classmates jealous. ;)

i still haven't found a darned picture of the spanish beaches. awwww shucks.

mr barber's asked all of us where we plan to go after the Os results are released- and the unanimous response was that we'd all stay where we were. and he went "what'd happen if raffles... or whatever that place is(HAHA!) invited you over?" no prizes for guessing what we said! ;)

Monday, February 03, 2003

yeah! i wholeheartedly agree with thee, alexis! HWA CHONG mass dance CANNOT MAKE IT! heh heh. and like you, i feel bad about saying this, but it's true! sorry, all the hwa chongians out there-- :] i mean, like, yeah, nj mass dance this year is pretty tight- with the seven-minute combination of songs, which is damn funky. and to have nick foo teach it- man that's super. cuz he can really dance. and i really mean that. he's got tha groove!

chinese new year? pretty uneventful. first day devoted to visiting the hordes of father's godbrothers and godsisters and mother's sisters and brothers and second cousins and all that. you know, those relatives whom you see like, once a year during cny. yup. well at least there was a bountiful harvest in terms of hongbaos. so that's not too bad. :รพ

back to school tomorrow, after a long weekend. it's kinda peculiar- i actually look forward to going back to college. i don't know why- i seem to be quite enjoying the college life. and of course there are the friends and the classmates and the cca mates and all the cool folks i see round each day. man i enjoy school. :] at least for now. been in constant contact with liwei during the three days of cny, through smsing. gosh i think i've used a Great Many messages in the short period of 72 hours. shit. i shall have to abstain.