Tuesday, December 23, 2003

be flying off in a couple of hours. on my way to Frankfurt! and from then on to switzerland and paris somewhat later. haven't really gotten into the travelling mood yet- i keep forgetting im supposed to be heading for the airport in less than 5 hours.

well don't have much that i want to blog about anyway. had land training with huilin leqi and weiqi this morning, which was pretty good. then again how bad can land training be? but i had awful stitches during the run- luckily there were traffic lights so i could bend over and touch my toes. haha. headed for j8 to do more CIP later, which wasn't entirely bad in itself, but rather expectedly boring. but talking to weiqi and gao shang managed to alleviate the boredom successfully.

also finished what i set out to do.

wow im damn tired think i'm becoming an insomniac- stayed up late last night to finish some important xmas stuff and i really couldn't sleep after that- guess there're just too many things on my mind. sad things.

well then- think i'll leave off now. have fun everyone, i'll be back on the 2nd! hahaa!

to the girl who's perfect to me (you know who you are)
you look into my eyes
i go out of my mind
i can't see anything
cause this love's got me blind
i can't help myself
i can't break the spell
i can't even try

i'm in over my head
you got under my skin
i've got no strength at all
in the state that i'm in
and my knees are weak
and my mouth can't speak
fell too far this time

baby, i'm too lost in you
caught in you
lost in everything about you
so deep, i can't sleep
i can't think
i just think about the things that you do (you do)
i'm too lost in you
(too lost in you)

well you whispered to me
and i shiver inside
you undo me and move me
in ways undefined
and you're all i see
and you're all i need
help me baby (help me baby)
help me baby (help me now)

cause i'm slipping away
like the sand to the tide
falling into your arms
falling into your eyes
if you get too near
i might disappear
i might lose my mind

i'm going in crazy in love for you baby
(i can't eat and i can't sleep)
i'm going down like a stone in the sea
yeah no one can mess with me
(no one can mess with me)

oooh, my baby
oooh, baby, baby

i'm too lost in you

sugababes too lost in you

Friday, December 19, 2003

it's been a pretty good week! and i've blown alot of cash on stuff!
1. arsenal home jersey (with ljungberg name and no.! and epl sleeve patches!)
2. aiwa md player
3. sony digicam (okay i didnt really pay for this one, my parents did, but that's even better!)
4. bayern munich champs league jersey which i got today! yeah yeah yeah!

oh and i checked out the bugis village place opp. bugis junction where they have lots of damn cool clothes yesterday, meaning to go to this particular stall where they sell adidas retro jackets and other throwback stuff like nba jerseys and all! so i went there and was looking for a nice jacket when i stumbled across this bayern munich jacket! man i was darned happy. well yes.
5. bayern munich jacket!

can you tell i love BAYERN MUNICH? yes yes they're second in the bundesliga now!

well shit im damned poor now la so. hahaha.

on my way to training on monday, i got off the bus at the kallang bus stop and guess who i saw crossing the road? junyi! hahaha! (for those who know about the stupid sec1 thingummy, good for you! damn paiseh la.) man it's been a long time really! especially since he went to perth for studies and came back for the hols. pretty good to catch up with him (he's doing ns at the police coast guard at kallang) especially since i've only had the opportunity to talk to him online! yeah so was quite pleasantly surprised!

it's been a week of meeting people! today on my way home from peninsula shopping centre i changed to NEL at dhoby ghaut interchange and met liwei! that was really great! especially since i don't get to see her that much due to our clashing schedules and all that shit! man i've missed her!

i've missed a lot of people. especially those i haven't seen in real eons- like the NJC 03a01 people (how are you guys man?) and the NYgeppers! man! training takes up a whole lot of time but i'd love to meet you guys!

Thursday, December 11, 2003


Defender Sammy Kuffour and skipper Oliver Kahn lovingly entwined after Bayern Munich's 1-0 Champions League victory against Anderlecht

Bayern 1 Anderlecht 0
Munich edge into last sixteen

10.12.2003 | Bayern claimed a place in the Champions League last sixteen on Wednesday night thanks to a first-half Roy Makaay penalty and some solid defending against Anderlecht in the second half, although Oliver Kahn had to rescue the win with a brilliant save deep into stoppage time.

kudos to roy makaay and olli kahn! the best players in the world.
long live deutscher meister FC Bayern!