Friday, January 31, 2003

hmmm i've got a comments system up and running, if you can see the faint blue words just above the date (not those below) of my entries- click on them and you'll get this response window. yup. so for those of you who've been pestering me to get a blogback thingy- here it is! heh heh.

yep CNY eve today- attendance for college celebs was rather dismal. coupla classmates went back to malaysia- some skipped to visit their sec schools- and the rest of us kinda drifted away after the papercutting/ firecracker competitions were over. well anyway it was wear NJuniform day 2 for most of our class, which was pretty good. and winnie, huifang, liwei and i decided to bring school ties and couple them with the uni for photo taking. well i didn't have a school tie, so i asked khalid to lend me his acs one. and guess what? yep he forgot. haha. oh well. at least zequan managed to wheedle an sji one from some guy, whose name i know not, and whose name she knows not too. clever! or charismatic, perhaps. ;) you go, babe! so as usual we took our 'dao' photos, failing miserably in almost all our attempts for that ever-elusive nonchalant air. p'raps i'll post the photos here when i get them developed. yep.

and our firecrackers ended up resembling a lantern of sorts, and we were seriously contemplating keeping the wire-and-cans structure just in case we had any lantern-making competitions in the near future. poo. and we didn't even finish using all the coffee cans! oh wellus. in any case, the caffeine overdosage we all sustained in the past week didn't help in keeping anyone awake during math lecture.

and guess who was in charge of th telematch? darn DARN AAAAARRRGGHHH i really should have volunteered to take part for aerius! heh. forgive that momentary outburst. sorry :]

crashed hwachong for their bazaar with the nygeppers. cool man. a bit apprehensive about going in at first since i was wearing nj uni- but it didn't seem to matter very much as hc seemed to be teeming with people from all the colleges, most pointedly dressed in their college unis. it was damn crowded, and real noisy, but the good thing about it was that i got to meet many of my ex-classmates, including qing who was dressed in a, erm, kinky RV uni -sorry RVppl! no offence! but that's what the guys say! ;)-, and sheila! hey sheil! i haven't seen you in, like, eons! my pootiful seatmate! and you owe me the cd -winks meaningfully- wellus.

then went down to orchard, where the whole lot of us met sze and xinying. and went to kfc, and then bowling. well at least we meant to bowl, but the queues were a little too long. um. so we walked to taka, where i saw practically half of NJC, including shiyu and winnie. :] and some j2 guy waved to me, but somehow i don't seem to recall him. strange.

and liwei appeared! like, POOF! with her friend. coooool. and so we walked around, and while making our way up to the library@orchard- guess who we met? yeeeeeahhhh we met philibert. ha! always bumping into him at taka. actually this's only the second time, but never mind. :þ and he was with phil and some other guy. no hsiang yang! supreme sadness. :( oh well. haha.

Sunday, January 26, 2003

it's damn hot today- and i had canoeing prac in the morning. arrived at the bus stop outside my house just in time to miss the bus, and i got all worried that i'd be late and die a miserable death at the hands of the canoe j2s. but the next one came along after a bit, and i discovered that my senior was on it. and that was good. and neither was i late. :] then liwei came rushing up to me all flustered and complaining that she hadn't worn shoes and that she'd seen this j2 wearing running shoes and what would happen if we had to go running as she had slippers on. well it turned out that we didn't have to run after training. no cool-down! which was great, since in njcanoeing terminology, a cool-down is a euphemism for a Run On Sheares Bridge.

my first time handling a T1 today, which is a single-seater canoe, and i promptly capsized near the police coast guard area after wobbling around a bit. luckily my nice senior helped to right the boat quickly and i got the hang of balancing the canoe after going back to shore and readjusting the footrest further, which seemed to have been a major contributing factor to my imbalanced state. i mean, the canoe's. to my relief, i wasn't the only j1 who'd capsized. practically all the other j1s did too, and some, multiple times. :þ and i shan't embarass anyone here either.

Anthem for Doomed Youth
Wilfred Owen

What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?
Only the monstrous anger of the guns.
Only the stuttering rifles' rapid rattle
Can patter out their hasty orisons.
No mockeries for them; no prayers nor bells,
Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs,--
The shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells;
And bugles calling for them from sad shires.

What candles may be held to speed them all?
Not in the hands of boys, but in their eyes
Shall shine the holy glimmers of goodbyes.
The pallor of girls' brows shall be their pall;
Their flowers the tenderness of patient minds,
And each slow dusk a drawing-down of blinds.

i quite like war poetry- ever since i scored 21 out of 25 in a war poetry assignment waaaaaay back in sec2 -haha- and i'm pretty glad that we're revisiting it, well at least certain poems, in nj e.lit. cool.

yeah hiphop lessons are tomorrow! how cool is that. hopefully i learn something eh. haha.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

feeling pretty tired after an exhaustive land training session for canoe practice. circuit training, really, which consisted of like fifteen or so stations specially designed to "work every major muscle group". hyper extensions for the back, oblique crunches(!) for the abs... you get the idea. Three reps, even. water training yesterday wasn't that tiring, or so i felt. in my opinion the most tiring part was the sprint from the bus-stop to the seasports centre. oops. hahaha. well we the j1s in njcanoeing are supposed to be concentrating on mileage right now so i guess that's pretty okay. but our canoe kept veering to the left in a most pronounced, deeply exaggerated way yesterday. think it's something to do with having a weaker left arm than the right.

school was pretty fun today- despite the fact that it was a thursday, the day we officially end at five. arrived in school at seven am and rushed my math homework. when practically the entire class was at the grandstand we made our way along the side of the college and up the slope to the parade square. to our utmost dismay, we realised that assembly was to be held in the hall instead. Which was quite a distance from the parade square. And so we ran to the hall and made it to the stairs just in time to hear the band merrily strike up the national anthem. even nick foo was late! ha.

we had e.lit with mr. dio first thing in the morning, and on my way to the LT i spotted the vice-cap of the Yellow -go figure- house scrutinizing his house board. which kinda made my day. :] anyway yeah we went through more literary devices during e.lit lecture- and i was pleasantly surprised to see the passage from Romeo and Juliet in which the sod Romeo is whining about Rosaline's apparent lack of interest in him. So there. you know the one that goes o brawling love blah blah? and still-waking sleep and cold fire and all that stuff. well mr. dio used it to illustrate the idea of oxymorons. and he had the LT in hysterics when he explained choice of words which were acceptable and those that were unacceptable, while loudly considering the possibility of whether to use fuck or copulate in a sentence, and the possible undertones. hmmm.

and then we had math. ms. chan was most displeased with dear old douglas and bemoaned the fact that she'd be seeing him for the remainder of the three months in nj. she even voiced her opinion that he'd be better off back in tchs. no kallang wave today, though. the class was pretty engrossed in the tutorial for partial fractions, if not we'd have to take a quiz on indices surds logarithms and what-have-yous. no doubt about it, we preferred the tutorial. :þ

break- liwei and ailin swapped uniforms. liwei has absolutely no RV look at all! but ailin could pass as an andersonian. haha. i never want to wear th RV uni after hearing what some j1 guys at canoeing one-star course said the other day- about it being, y'know, sorta kinky and all. nurses' uniforms indeed. most suited for guys' kinky fantasies.

econs. tutor's got a haircut. nothing new, excepting that. well during lecture mr. bryan ang screamed at us all again, for "strolling into lecture." any surprise? nope, not at all. a new female lecturer for econs, but i don't know what her name is. she's okay, though. and doug slept through lecture. again.

i almost fell asleep during GP. was pretty bored. i don't know why- but i thought GP'd be a subject i'd enjoy, and i don't seem to be getting that sort of feeling. ha. there didn't seem to be anything better i could add to the discussion, though. and we ended up discussing gangs of new york in relation to the school mission of loyalty with integrity, and i didn't even watch the darned movie, so i felt pretty stoned. pooh.

common lunch, and i came up with a wonderful perceptive theory on why a certain student councillor (hmm he's been mentioned earlier- go figure) spikes his hair up straight. so as to add an inch or so to his vertically-challenged frame! haha! it kinda works, actually.

human geog- mr. barber's a great teacher. serious- i really enjoy his lessons, even more so in comparison with lessons by his phy geog counterpart. and when he went through the name list today he mispronounced siqi's name as see-kee which was pretty hilarious. he's euro-centric, as self-described. haha. and he gave me 20 out of 20 for my very first human geog assignment! cool huh? never get that sorta thing in mrs yak's class. any guesses for what topic it was? yeah- it was TOURISM! the only topic i ever did in exams for geog elect papers in sec3/4. hah.

Monday, January 20, 2003

gosh the anti-science cheer from veejay is pretty cool! the one that goes we clap our hands and stamp our feet... it's damn nice! did it for classmates today and they were pretty taken by it. heh arts fac is da way to go! we had year-ones-meet-year-twos session today- our buddy class was 02A01, which wasn't much of a surprise. four guys in the class- slightly more pathetic than ours. well so the seniors sat us down in chairs in the centre of their civics class and began distributing cheezels and oreos and all sorts of junk. and in despair we started chanting the mantra height-and-weight among ourselves. as you see, nj's got this obsession about physical well-being, which explains the strenous PE lessons and the fact that they measure BMI besides height and weight. so we're gonna be measuring those two quantities sometime next week, and no one kinda dares to indulge. for this week, at least.

signed up for hip-hop classes in nj- cool that they're actually offering it. and dragged liwei along at the same time. she vehemently protested, but helpful huifang aided me in writing her name down on the registration list. hahahaa.

Sunday, January 19, 2003

ohhhh just returned from church encounter weekend- spiritually rejuvenated but physically worn out. and i haven't completed my human geog homework, or my algebra assignment, for that matter. shucks.

after quite a bit of thinking, i've finally decided that i'll officially join canoeing. i was actually debating whether to do so or not, considering the punishing training regimen that all njcanoeists are subjected to. training thrice a week, four times for seniors. what luck. two water training sessions at kallang basin and land training in college. and i've heard from kia min that they ran the length of sheares bridge after wednesday's water training session. ooohh.

well anyway i badgered and pleaded with liwei the whole of thursday to join canoeing with me, until she finally relented after i hinted at the limitless benefits of canoeing. eg. great tan, hot bod, hunky seniors ;) you get the idea. i think she was kinda won over by the latter. well liwei, let's hope wenkai grows taller eh? ;)

we were also talking about the "best friend" theory that seemed to be rather uncannily accurate. you know how it is when you like someone and that someone promptly falls for your best friend. and you start getting all green-eyed and envious. so liwei and i have decided to be, errr, best friends, so that the theory will work out for the good of both parties. heh heh. you know, hu4 xiang1 bang1 mang2? :]

Thursday, January 16, 2003

thursday! it's actually supposed to be the longest school day of the week- with lessons officially ending at five and no free periods in between for us. but anyway today was a Good Thursday- e.lit paper one teacher was on maternity leave, and our human geog teacher Mr. Barber(!) had a course on. something like that, anyway. yeah so we had the whole time after lunch free, till pe period at four, which is the sort of school day i quite enjoy.

well anyway my math tutor is this motherly figure- she sorta reminds me of a matron or something like, and you wouldn't believe how boring her tutorials are. so being the ultra-enthusiastic arts class we are, the entire left side of the class plotted that we would perform a long, langourous wave in unison, while the unsuspecting tutor meticulously penned logarithmic answers on the board. so she did, and so we did. then we decided perhaps a Kallang Wave would be an ideal way to end math tutorial, and douglas and zequan on the leftmost of the class promptly stood up with a grand flourish, the rest of us following suit, while the conscientious right side of the class continued working on their math problems. the math tutor turned around suddenly (she must have been suspicious) and was just in time to see jess plonk back onto her chair after her full participation in the Kallang Wave. most hilarious.

has everyone heard of the new cca that my friends and i are planning to start? it's aptly named the People-Watchers' Club, and all NJCians are most welcome to attend our meetings. Sessions are held daily at 7.10am, location being the topmost row besides the Second Pillar of the Grandstand. no prizes for guessing what's done at our daily meetings. ;) the idea stemmed from these four NJ j2 guys we christened the Fab Four (no, no association whatever to F4- i simply detest F4)-- because they all look pretty good and have varying degrees of cuteness. but i really shouldn't incriminate anyone just yet. and you might all just start jioing them. thing is, one of them was "recently attached", two are single and available, and status unknown for the last. oh wellus.

there's this j2 guy- Solaris house vice-captain, actually, that my friends and i have been bumping into numerous times daily. and every time we meet, we wave. well if i remember correctly, i waved to him a grand total of five times yesterday. it's quite entertaining, as no one seems to pop up as much as him. he was formerly from tchs-- but he doesn't fit the stereotype of a chinese high boy. rather english-looking. hahaha. and finally managed to do more than wave to him today- played basketball with him, which was quite enjoyable. he looks cool in the sense that he wears his pants baggy and has fab skater shoes. nice. :)

i've got econs homework waiting for me- catch y'all later. till then--

Saturday, January 11, 2003

Toploader-Dancing in the Moonlight

we get it on most every night
when that moon is big and bright
its a supernatural delight
everybody's dancing in the moonlight

we get it on most every night
everybody here is out of sight
they dont bark and they dont bite
they keep things loose they keep it tight
everybody's dancing in the moonlight

dancing in the moonlight
everybody's feeling warm and bright
its such a fine and natural sight
everybody's dancing in the moonlight

we like our fun and we never fight
you cant dance and stay uptight
its a supernatural delight
everybody was dancing in the moonlight

dancing in the moonlight
everybody's feeling warm and bright
its such a fine and natural sight
everybody's dancing in the moonlight

we get in on most every night
and when that moon is big and bright
its a supernatural delight
everybody's dancing in the moonlight

dancing in the moonlight
everybody's feeling warm and bright
its such a fine and natural sight
everybody's dancing in the moonlight

we got the red
we got the white
we got the stripes
we got the lion on our side

wo men you hong
wo men you bai
wo men you xian
wo men you shi zi zai zhe bian

semmai undu
venmai undu
kodu undu
singam nam pakkathil

ada merah
ada putih
ada belang
ada singa di sini

just one of the cheers i like quite a bit- it's catchy, and yeah, it comes in four languages! heh that's what you get, being in njc. uhh well. but for the tamil bit, everyone gets the last line muddled -including yours truly- but somehow pakkathil is firmly etched in my mind.

more about my OG! 03A01! we've got the lamest people that ever walked the earth! And a Very Cute Lame Funny Nice OGL too, according to my friend winnie! yeahhh we rock!

well i never knew what the 03 in front of my class A01 was for- until a classmate pointed out that we were the batch of '03, which was a very astute observation on her part. or were the rest of us simply blur. perhaps. arts fac people are whoopee! yeah there are only three arts classes in contrast to the twentyfive science classes- and the enrolment in the arts classes is like, twenty-odd, which kinda resembles a gep class. cool huh.

i quite like the nj massdance- the first few days i was there i didn't really enjoy it- perhaps 'cuz i was getting all tangled up attempting the various moves, of which included the Legolas move, which jitsy would be most pleased to hear about, and the Deborah move, which was aptly christened by the dance choreographers as such due to my so-named OGL practising (and perfecting) the move every night.

more about nj orientation -click here to start- '03 later...

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

yeeahhh i haven't posted here in a real long time! anyway i've just finished my 5th day of orientation, which is starting to seem sorta like one of those unbelievably long church camps. well NJ's pretty cool- not one bit like what i'd heard in NY about it being incredibly boring and all. and all the stuff about and all that shit. whoops. haha well i'm in arts, at least for the first three months (somehow i don't think i'll be able to bear leaving my OG after Os results) and we had our first coupla lectures today! and yeah well i don't really want to say anything much about the tutors since i don't know them that well yet.

well my OG is superb! class consists of a grand total of 5 guys and 16 girls~ heh heh. and somehow i don't have to miss jits' and huiyuan's corniness so much since my class is saturated with it. orientation was pretty cool- i can now brag that i've had the chance to experience school songs in three languages! english in rosyth- chinese in NY and now malay in NJ. yep. can't seem to remember it though. i know the first line goes inilah maktab banggaan kita and the next ends with bangsa but my memory fails me for the rest of the three stanzas. and so i mouth inanely some gibberish or other while the college anthem plays.

and i've got great OGLs too! ha two girls and a guy- who are all incredibly fantabulous and somehow i can't seem to accept the fact that they're only a year older than we are- they seem lots more mature. heh perhaps we're just a little too juvenile. oh wellus. and yeah i must tell you that the guy OGL has long and curly leg hair -hahaha i couldn't resist-- been playing too many collect-a-strand-of-leg-hair-4cm-in-length games- but he's a real nice guy anyway.