Tuesday, September 24, 2002

bayern play lens tuesday morning 2.45am- alongside with man u vs. leverkusen and the rest.
go bayern!

heh heh. i think i've received just about all the prelim results i actually dared to look forward to. ms. choo seems to have this knack of making results sound worse than they actually are. as one of the precious few who attempted the topic "medical advances are more harmful than beneficial. discuss", i was decidedly worried when she announced that the people who did that didn't do very well. at least it turned out fine.

Sunday, September 22, 2002

just watched the replay of the highlights of the bayern-deportivo match. makaay's hat-trick was a fluke! hah. but bayern's defence was disappointing- especially thomas linke. standing there like a twerp waiting for the offside flag to be raised while makaay waltzed past and fired the shot home through kahn's legs. can't believe i brought myself to say that.

19.09.2002 | It is the 93rd minute in the Munich Olympic stadium, and Oliver Kahn is making his way to his opponents’ penalty area for the third or fourth time, determined to do whatever he can to prevent Bayern slipping to defeat in their first Champions’ League encounter of this season’s campaign.

The sight of Kahn striding forward at the death whenever his team is a goal down with seconds remaining is nothing new. But on this occasion there were to be no last minute heroics. “I try and create confusion in the box, though most of the time nothing comes of it,” the man regarded as the best keeper in the world said after the 3-2 defeat at the hands of Deportivo La Coruna.

hahaha you know it'd be waaaaaaaay cool if he were to score the equaliser? i hope he's given the chance to sometime in the future ;) don't think that kinda thing has happened before.

i like his spirit. serious.

Friday, September 13, 2002

lit paper was a fiasco! guess what came out for r&j pbq? the used-to-death quote. one of the few (thankfully) that yil prides herself in knowing, albeit all too well. where is your mother? and i even thumbed through the book this morning to show her the context! poo. i guess it comes in second after you are a saucy boy but anyway that came out for midyears so it probably wouldn't make a reappearance.

maybe it goes to show that those seemingly insignificant quotes are of great importance. guess i'll be waiting for humours! madman! passion! lover! for the Os.

well anyway the prelims are halfway through- and it's evident that a greater power than i can contradict hath thwarted my intents of entering an esteemed junior college for the first three months of next year. what luck.