Tuesday, June 25, 2002

that, as usual, was silly xinying. ah well. OLIVER KAHN so rocks!! i am so in awe. his full-length diving save was spectacular... maaaaan. it's great that germany has defeated s.korea... kahn said in an interview about two weeks back that the german team's ultimate goal was to get into the finals of the world cup. maaaaan they've done it! wonderful birthday present for kahn, who turned 33 on 15th june. oh and by the way, people born in June rock. just proving my point. ah well.

oh and if anyone still HASN'T BOUGHT ME A PRESENT (shame on you) you can always get me kahn's jersey. NUMBER ONE! yeah man. okay i'm gonna play bball with the rest now.

Monday, June 24, 2002

good morning.
u forgot to log out.

just a holler to all of you out there. haven't touched this blog in eons, due to the muddled up internet connection at home. oh well. just to let you know, i'm getting broadband in a coupla days. cool. my loyalty has shifted to pacific internet. perhaps y'all could expect a more developed blog next month after i get my account. heheh. yeah well due to the unattainability of certain birthday wishes #coughh# i wouldn't half mind an official FIFA World Cup 2002 adidas football. y'know... the lovely red-gold-white one. the camera sometimes zooms in on the ball on the field just before someone takes a corner kick at times. yeah that one. heheheh. football and basketball rock.

seriously, i think south korea has gotten too far in the world cup. maaaaan and it's lotsa due to like unfair refereeing and all. whaddaya mean, calling spain offside when they clearly weren't? darn. oh well. i throw my support behind the germans now, even though they beat the team from USA which was one of my faves. heheheh. their goalie Oliver Kahn rocks. i've christened him the Rock Of Ages. he brings a new meaning to unshakeable. that means he must be hard.... um. ;)

Friday, June 07, 2002

heheh. hey. i'm back to post again, at nina's house this time. oh yes. another birthday wish could be a LA Lakers jersey, no. 8 please. the shorts too, if you wouldn't mind. kobe bryant rocks! i'm in awe. that's all i can say. xy and nina are downstairs watching the fourth quarter of the match (finals game 1, videotaped), just thought i'd pop upstairs for a bit to update this blog. ah well.

basketball so rocks. hahahaaa. in spite of the numerous sprains and bumps that come as a result of playing. anyway yes. both xy and nina are staring wide-eyed at the screen.

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

good morning everyone. i'm sitting in front of the computer in the sticky sweaty hot classroom of four-thirteen at roughly seven twenty-five in the morning. rachel's at the benches outside... i guess no one else is around yet. anyway. today is the official launch of my blog! heheh. it being mark wahlberg's birthday and all. HAPPY 31st BIRTHDAY, MARK! you're still as hot as ever hahaha ;). -oh those ABS- wellus. anyway i just realised that darren hayes is going to be on the "all day thursday" interview by perfect 10 tomorrow. now i'm just wondering how we're gonna catch it, because i don't quite trust recording technology anymore. i guess you know why.

it's quite funny the way i heard that d.hayes was gonna be on... i was like listening to perfect 10 last night at about the say it with music/ late night show time, and i was kinda continually hoping that one of his songs would suddenly air. but i kind of forgot about it after a while. then all of a sudden this Very Familiar oh-so-angelic voice came on... "Well, it'll take quite a long time for people to know who Darren Hayes is..." with insatiable playing softly in the background. When i heard that i kind of jolted up immediately at once, leaped to the radio and tweaked the volume control two-fold, and soaked myself in the blissful lilt of his voice. then daniel ong's voice came on and said blah blah something or other about hayes being on all day thursday this week. aaahhh. lovely. oops i meant darren, not daniel. ONG.

ooh darren you rock my world hahaha. okay i shall try to make another post later. gosh. gotta go to the audi for mdm mak's reproval #i bet# soon. report books today! what luck.

ah wellus. i'm still pretty new to the whole idea of blogging, as i'm not exactly able to access the net from home or anyth, so i can't like experiment or something for the time being. well. lately, many people have been asking me what i'd like for my birthday. how extremely strange. i don't normally get such nice requests. yeah since you all seem rather obliging and magnanimous, i guess i'd better utilise this opportunity before it passes me by.

Things / Non-Things Fengyi Would Like Very Much For Her Birthday.

1. darren hayes
2. jordan knight
3. mark wahlberg.
4. #ahem ahem#.
the abovementioned are all the non-things. i'm a long-term sort of person, NO one-night stands please.

5. urban xchange's debut release "how did we get here"
6. a hi-fi set
7. the very nice sleeveless shirt from 77th street.
8. a nice radio walkman thingamajig.
9. darren hayes' shoes! those he wore in the album cover/ shooting of insatiable
10. a leather converse basketball

am i being too demanding? oh wow. well that's all for now... as soon as i remember more stuff i'll put it on. how'd you like that. ;)

played basketball whole lots today. before school, during recess, and after school. we're complete bball fanatics.
our team kicks some ass ;) c'mon folks we better thrash weilin's team tomorrow! we rock! hahahaaa just providing a boost to morale. ah wellus. healthy obsession though. heh heh. world cup fever now. it's strange... there's what i call the coffeeshop scenario. The coffeeshop is the gathering place of ah peks, ah bengs, and the occasional white-collar worker. Eyes riveted towards the small television screen, with glazed looks in their eyes. And every so often, a collective sigh or yell will be emitted, coupled with hand-pumping actions. Really interesting. i don't particularly dig soccer... but i guess the world cup's pretty cool to watch. oh well. i'd rather NBA... thing is, i seem to be unable to tune in to any of the matches. sad. oh well.

okay i guess i'll be leaving nina's house soon with xy to head to parry pri school and shoot some hoops #what did i ever tell you about being obsessed#

mood : pooped. pretty tired.
song on my brain : "pop" by *N SYNC #hey they're not just any boyband! they're real musicians!#

Monday, June 03, 2002

ah! ooh yay. oldskoolflavor.blogspot.com. i shall officially begin blogging on the FIFTH of JUNE, which is also mark wahlberg's birthday. ooh lovely. wonderful. see. now all is good and gay. yay. i am actually supposed to be doing yileng's testimonial now, but i don't seem to have gotten very far in that particular aspect. any surprise? hahahaha oh yes y'all can eagerly anticipate the rationale behind darren hayes' heart! ooh yeah.

ooh lovely! i have succeeded! sorry folks, but there is NO CHAOS BLOG anymore. oh so sad.

i officially claim this blog for my Very Own Use. since it seems like i won't ever be able to create another one. poop. ah wellus. so there.