Sunday, November 18, 2007

I feel you breezing through my mind.

It's been far too long since I met someone who makes me smile the way you do.

You've got a way of spreading magic everywhere
Anywhere I go, I know you're always there
It sounds ridiculous
But when you leave a room
There's a part of me that just wants to follow you too

You know I miss you
This is all I wanna do
I know it doesn't sound too cool
But maybe I'm in love with you

And when you're walking out the door
I know I miss you
You make me wanna ask for more
I just miss you

Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's already November and 2007 is drawing to a close. Funny how time seems to speed up as I get older. I wish I had savored my childhood more, sometimes! College is going well. Classes are fantastic and I'm fortunate to be taking classes from some of the best faculty around. My thesis is shaping up nicely and I've got some ideas that I intend to develop further. Hardcore CrossFitting provides a respite from the burdens of schoolwork, and the folks at the gym are some of the best people I've had the good fortune of meeting.

As for Ann Arbor dining, I've made up my mind to try as many of the reputed establishments as possible. We did Carson's American Bistro last week, Lotus Thai in the last two weeks, plans are being made to visit Cafe Habana for some good Cuban cooking in the near future... Zingerman's Roadhouse is still a must-try - if only it wasn't so crowded all the time! After discovering Yotsuba sometime in September, I've been back for their delectable sushi rolls four more times and plan on many repeat visits. Pacific Rim by Kana beckons on Dec 14th - kinda pricey, but I've heard good things about the Asian fusion fare they serve. Weekends are reserved for food adventures!

Walk on broken glass make my way through fire
These are the things I would do for love
Farewell peace of mind kiss goodbye to reason
Up is down the impossible occurs each day
This intoxication thrills me
I only pray it doesn't kill me

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Darren Hayes - The Heart Wants What it Wants

You say one thing and then I go turning around again
Working things over better left unsaid
Spinning around in my head
Taking a moment too personally

I have told you just half the words
I've wanted to get to you
Fear of rejection keeps my heart at bay
Things I'd rather not say
I'd rather have you close
Than never at all

But every now and then
When my world is closing in
I feel you breezing through my mind

I can attempt to close my eyes
I can avoid the wrong or right
But something deep inside
Says my heart wants what it wants

Baby, stay away
Do the right thing
I know I should run
But my heart wants what it wants
Baby, stay away
Do the right thing
I know I should run
You know the heart wants what it wants

You do one thing and then I go always imagining
Reciprocating feelings that aren't there
Sometimes I think you're aware
Your body language, it gives you away

Maybe I should run
Turn my back, head for the sun
Feelings left to come undone
Maybe you like what's going on
Deep down inside I know it's wrong
I know I should run
But the heart wants what it wants