Wednesday, July 30, 2003

screw project work man!
and balls i still don't have the guts! but i guess i was rather sad when i heard what she said yesterday. well i guess there's hope if it's "for now"... heh hopefully. shit i've fallen, and hard.

wah shit if i dont do pw now mengxin's gonna screw me upside down tomorrow. blog sometime later haha :)

Saturday, July 26, 2003

nationals on for the past three days. as usual, nj swept both the guys and girls titles with 60++ points. nah no surprise. but it was pretty good, enjoying the sun sea and sand for those couple of days. had scf today. rowed t2 500m with carol. she had to replace mag for t1 500m at the last minute and i was damn worried that she'd be too tired to row well for t2 later. but gawd was it good. first for heats and straight to finals tomorrow. man i love the fcuk NJ boat. haha. as usual i was shouting like hell while rowing like when we did dragonboat earlier. i dunno i jus have to shout it kinda helps me row faster too. that's why i like 2-crew boats so i have someone to shout at because it gets pretty stupid shouting at yourself haha.

anyway i was damn pleased with t2 today we managed to shoot forward and grab a commanding lead in the beginning so we could afford to slack a little at the end. haha. towards the finishing line i was suggesting that maybe we could jus "glide through" and stop paddling. heheh. damn good hope finals are even better tomorrow. think im gonna take some creatine before the race.

not bad we did better than expected. both the girls' team's t1s and k1s are into finals, besides me and carol's t2. but the guys didn't do too well. heads up man at least you guys tried your best. we are gonna take the guys and girls titles for nationals next year man.

tomorrow's the open events as well. hope the j2s do well. especially lay may and huilin who came down to support us today! you go man! yeah!

gryphon canoeists go, row, get the flow.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

hey in the media centre now ha. kinda stoned i really should be at chinese now but i got aaahhnnndrew to tell laoshi that i was off to canoeing. hope i don't bump into her later yeah. hopefully gonna donate blood later. i don't think it hurts, really. everyone keeps taking second looks at me because of my hair. well anyway i hope thats good. haha how nice of abs to say that i look "DAMN good!!!" im so flattered man thanks lots! ;) as long as KC looks good hah. yeah anyway.

i think i kinda blew my chance. shit she was in the library jus now but i didn't do anything about that! it was like a golden opportunity and as usual i passed it by. ha. shit where are my fucking guts i hate this it's like i wanna go up to her and say something but i'm jus too afraid. shoot. how??

anyway yeah wonderful sharon's gonna teach me how to change templates. im sucha friggin loser i don't even know how to use a template from somewhere else. in a rather self-depreciating mood today oh well. yay sharon taught me how to change template. she rocks man.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

ah well.
it's been quite confusing. what should i do now? all this is fucking getting to me... awww this sucks. i don't know whether it'll work out man. i want it to!

desperate for changing
starving for truth
closer where i started
chasing after you

i'm falling even more in love with you
letting go of all i've held onto
i'm standing here until you make me move
i'm hanging by a moment here with you

forgetting all i'm lacking
completely incomplete
i'll take your invitation
you take all of me

i'm falling even more in love with you
letting go of all i've held onto
i'm standing here until you make me move
i'm hanging by a moment here with you

i'm living for the only thing i know
i'm running and not quite sure where to go
i don't know what i'm diving into
just hanging by a moment here with you

hanging by a moment l i f e h o u s e

Thursday, July 03, 2003

hey haven't blogged for a long time. jus finished common tests today- geog as the last paper. hope i manage to pass at least two subjects! shit if not i'll be suspended from canoeing. but i think passing two shouldn't be a problem. at least, i think.

went to town after last paper today with lingli guan and cheryl. spent most of our time slacking in far east after a heated debate over whether to watch finding nemo or charlie's angels. in the end we didn't watch either, but jus as well since i've already watched nemo twice and have no vested interest in the angels.

saw lots of people- an entire barrage of cjcians and later a multitude of other-jc-people. lots of njcians too heh. splurged 42bucks on a nike no bounds dri-fit shirt. shit damn spendthrift i tell you. oh well. ya thats all for now i guess.

aahh trace you owe me something now man ;)