Sunday, July 28, 2002

JORDAN KNIGHT 's new single sounds hella good! it's called "like that"... maaaaaaaan it rocks! ;)

c'mon baby give it to me i wanna get it on like that
reminds me of give it to you. ah well. do download it!

it's got rather strong spanish influences... very mexican-sounding. ah cool. you can download it here-

it's been released in the states but not in singapore. great dance grooves! im envisioning something funky with lotsa hiphop breaking like in the gity music vid... awww shucks he rocks.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

error five-o-three STILL happens at home. oh well. at least that's the blogging distraction gone from my self-imposed studying regime. my parents have consented to several Good Things if i ace my prelims and Os... they involve things like kahn's jersey and i guess that's motivation enough. now i just can't get that blonde-haired blue-eyed kahnster outta my head.

wonderful. oh yeah i've completed Chapter One since the last time i posted. now i'm staring at a blank screen and wondering how exactly to go about Chapter Two. ah wellus. the whole process repeats itself. we have darned chem prac after this. chem prac is most undoubtedbly the Bane Of My Life. but actually it gets pretty quirky sometimes. flame tests were enjoyable, but i can't exactly say the same about spilling dilute hydrochloric acid on a sore finger. sometimes i doubt the "dilute" in dilute hcl.

i used to say i didn't do it but i did it
telling everybody that i wasn't with it
though it brings tears to my eyes i can feel it
and i know inside that i'm gonna be alright

| i'm gonna be alright - j.lo feat nas |

Monday, July 15, 2002

yo. trying to complete Chapter One, without very much success. it's kind of weird trying to write about somalia when the only stuff i've seen of it is "black hawk down". anyway i'm not even focusing on mogadishu here. oh wellus. i made a list of Things To Do when i got home from school today. so far i've finished about three things out of six. hopefully i won't slack and complete the rest. i've got absolutely zero inspiration. this is pretty bad.

played a bit of soccer after school today. tried out the huiqing-fengyi partnership, which wasn't bad since there didn't seem to be anything (or anyone) resembling a goalkeeper round. wonderful day for hat-tricks. it was pretty cool though. we even managed a beautiful cross. soccer's damn nice to play. okay let me get back to my essay.

to my extreme disgust, i've realised that error 503 happens at home.

Sunday, July 14, 2002

ooh my blog works! error 503 popped up yesterday i was so freakin worried. oh well. back to Chapter One on Female Genital Mutilation.

what did i ever say about oliver kahn at coro? huh?? i don't know what you're talking about, grace or sze. whatever. oliver kahn's at my house. he had a rather animated conversation with xinying via msn just the other day. i should know.

minority report was a really good movie. thought-provoking... kind of like a psychological thriller. i say cruise was great in that flick. the cruise-spielberg partnership is whack!

have you ever dreamed of flying high
looking down from heaven with God's eyes
you know
we could use some intervention
children needing your protection
it's not enough to sing this song
lift the cup and pass it on

| live for LOVE UNITED |

Thursday, July 11, 2002

oh well. yeah i've realised i post rather sporadically on this blog. listening to /hero/ by chad kroeger now. i think it's a really great song. somehow or other, it reminds me of ollie kahn. today was a strange sort of day. the computers in the library don't half work. it took me all of twenty minutes to find a decent desktop, one that actually possessed an internet connection, working keyboard and mouse. one particular computer actually fizzled. yeah it fizzled. jits was like turn it off, you! hurry! and i went what the #$%^& i might just get my brains fried under the table well at least i managed to turn it off with a quick toe poke.

grace's oliver and i'm kahn. sounds promising, doesn't it? well hopefully it works out, somehow or other. yeah anyway just like about the whole basketball gang's gone with the worldcup craze. now instead of the basketball court, our haunt during recess is the spot between the sci/tech block and bball court. two lovely palm trees there provide excellent goalposts. my only gripe are the multitude of stone blocks on the grass patch there, presumably Paths for Fire Engines To Take In The Event of An Emergency. well we've grown somewhat attached to these stony-faced locals, and even christened them lovingly. well i can't exactly remember their exact names. just that rivaldo happens to be this obtrusive L-shaped stone patch in front of the goal, and roberto carlos a little round dome. kinda suits him, i must say. they're pretty effective.

Sunday, July 07, 2002

theflyingkahn! theflyingkahn! ooh. lovely long youthday weekend... just the kind of weekends i fancy. masquerading as oliver kahn now and xinying seems to be none the wiser. i guess that's self-explanatory.

Monday, July 01, 2002

so the World Cup's over and brazil's won. well yeah they played good and all... but i feel horribly sad at the look on oliver kahn's face after the whistle blew. to lose after such a great tournament. yeah i don't feel like saying very much about it here... maybe sometime else.