Saturday, March 29, 2003

it's kinda stifling at home. got nothing very much to do. i've finished revising two chapters of econs! hah! now there's only elasticity of demand left. it's rather strange, actually. just when o2's finished and i was hoping to get a chance to know my new class in rj better- there's this enforced holiday thing. which doesn't really help my cause but still- sheesh.

wonder what everyone else is doing? i think most people are grounded too shucks. was actually hoping for a 03A01 outing next week to breeks or something like that but have a feeling that most won't be able to turn up. what's the point of a holiday when you can't go out? hmmm really shouldn't be complaining but this is how i feel.

jus heard from iso that nj o2 was a blast. well at least the 2nd day of o2 was a blast. haha that's real cool! kudos to the o2 committee and all the o2 ogls heheh. apparently there were lotsa water games and stuff? man we didn't have those in o1. but still- glad to see that o2 in nj was a success! :] returned on monday since rj finished early- met up with shiyu zhiwei winnie liwei and revisited our old class! damn cool man. long live 03A01. did lots of nice cheers that i'd half forgotten about like the rip and roar cheer- and of course my two favorite cheers, the red and white cheer and the yaaaahhhh cheer!

hahaha and of course the fab mass dance- and i still can't get some of the moves for "the tide is high". hey man some of you njcians better teach me sometime haha. think nic, jiing shyuan and mervyn (the aqua house capt) were quite surprised to see me back. hopefully it was a pleasant surprise haha. mervyn even thought that i wasn't in nj any longer because i couldn't get in, and urged me to appeal till i managed to tell him that it wasn't because i couldn't get in. heheh.

went for a walk round nj with liwei while the njcians were having og session. one of the walks we normally have, like after basketball training or something. but this time it was different. no longer a student of the school. the memories will always be cherished. man the three months were one of the best times of my life.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

haven't posted for quite awhile! well anyway i've got all the time in the world on my hands now- due to the week-and-a-half-long break caused by the sars outbreak. it's pretty serious, much more than i expected it to be. jus a simple prayer that the viral outbreak will be stemmed as soon as possible and the sick will be healed completely.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

the glorious three months at njc have finally come to an end. i have pretty mixed feelings about it- part of me wishes i'd never put down rj as my first choice, especially after looking at all the photos i've amassed over these three months. however the other part of me feels that it's good that i've named raffles as my first choice, because i still owe miss teo two e.lit assignments -shhhhh. but you weren't supposed to know that.