Tuesday, August 26, 2003

hey all... who wants to watch S.W.A.T. which opens this thurs 28th aug with me? man it's a police action flick it shouldn't be bad either considering it stars colin farrell! what's not to like... heheh ;) one hell of a sexy ass bloke yeahhh.

all the good guys appearing on the silver screen right about now. there's the italian job which features mark wahlberg coming to theatres in sept... man thats a movie im definitely gonna catch. oh and yeahhh xy you know what you owe me. ;) i couldn't have said it better myself.

screwed doing draft zero for pw. i think pw sucks big time man i don't see the rationale behind it. and we've got more stuff to do now that liong's gone! aargh thank god for jiahong man we need someone with that kind of brains yeah.

going to town with jo and gaya tomorrow. haha jo's gonna get a haircut! yeah man we need a change. ponytails are oooooouuuuuutttt! man. hahaha. wonder what kinda hairstyle she's gonna get. i recommend spikes. then again would i ever recommend anything else? heheh. jo says if it turns out disastrous she's gonna make gaya cut hers too. which evoked a particularly vehement response from gaya haha.


oceans apart day after day
and i slowly go insane
i hear your voice on the line
but it doesn't stop the pain

if i see you next to never
how can we say forever

wherever you go
whatever you do
i will be right here waiting for you
whatever it takes
or how my heart breaks
i will be right here waiting for you

i took for granted all the times
that i thought would last somehow
i hear the laughter i taste the tears
but i can't get near you now

oh can't you see it baby
you've got me going crazy

wherever you go
whatever you do
i will be right here waiting for you
whatever it takes
or how my heart breaks
i will be right here waiting for you

i wonder how we can survive
this romance
but in the end if i'm with you
i'll take the chance

wherever you go
whatever you do
i will be right here waiting for you
whatever it takes
or how my heart breaks
i will be right here waiting for you

richard marx right here waiting


Friday, August 22, 2003

i've got a new tagboard! so blow me... ;)

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

roy makaay! i used to hate him because he scored a hat-trick against olli kahn... while in deportivo la coruna in champs league last yr. haha but i was appreciative of his excellent striking abilities man. and now he's turning out for fc bayern... go no.10 makaay!


oh yay finally i know how to put graphics on the page! o joy! xinying you rock!

aiyoh both my air hockey kakis not in school today. so it was quite dismal. hahaha... today was an okay day. at first i was kinda dreading the friday timetable because of the 1hr40min gp lesson and evans! but it turned out to be some colorectal surgeon giving some talk instead so it was fine. man there was PORN on his powerpoint slides! the entire lt was taken aback! the pics of surgery were fine though. guess it jus made me rethink whether my decision to stay in arts was the right one. i mean... it was always a childhood ambition of mine to be a doctor. all the way till this year when i was faced with the arts-science dilemma. sometimes i do have regrets. ya, sam, jus like you. i wonder if i've made the right choice. but i guess i should jus make the most of what i have now, which is pretty good.

the rest of the day was pretty uneventful. michael was so kind as to lend me his translations book. if not i'd have to suffer the irish brogue and wrath of mcconnell haha. i said much more than i normally would in mrs toh's lesson. as usual the class was being rather unparticipative and i kinda felt bad so i answered some of her questions heheh. i think she's quite nice really. pw observation during pw period! man the most polite and by far the most fruitful discussion we've ever had! not bad la.

played soccer with gaya after school! called it self-training. then later renji and amos and loads of other guys came along so we played with them too. hahaha hope the soccer ball's safe with renji heheh.

but there's still one thing irking me. its been at the back of my mind ever since it started. man if you ever read this i jus wanna let you know that it was all a stupid misunderstanding and that im sorry really. i mean, it's our faults, not one more than the other. ya. im not blaming you or anything really... please dont take this the wrong way. i want things to go back to the way they were before all this shit started. i really don't want to lose a friend. please please i hope this becomes fine it's really bothering me and i can't do a thing about it.

ya jus in case you read this.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

since the moment i spotted you
like walking round with little wings on my shoes
my stomach's filled with the butterflies and it's alright
bouncing round from cloud to cloud
i got the feeling like i'm never going to come down
if i said i didn't like it then you know i'd lied

every time i try to talk to you
i get tongue-tied
seems like everything i say to you
comes out wrong and never comes out right

so i'll say why don't you and i get together
and take on the world and be together forever
heads we will and tails we'll try again
so i say why don't you and i hold each other
and fly to the moon and straight on to heaven
'cause without you they're never going to let me in
and slowly i begin to realize this is never going to end
right about the same you walk by
and i say oh here we go again

when's this ever going to break
i think i've handled more than any man can take
i'm like a love-sick puppy chasing you around and it's alright
bouncing round from cloud to cloud
i got the feeling like i'm never going to come down
if i said didn't like it then you know i'd lied

santana ft. alex band why don't you and i

this goes out to her.

you know that you don't have to leave
saying why didn't i go home with you tonight

Saturday, August 16, 2003

hmm abit of a guestbook problem. i've reverted back to enetation after realizing that you have to pay 99cents for the stupid signmyguestbook.com thing heheh. hey it's not about the money it's about the trouble haha. anyway enetation's currently down so keep your comments to yourself. there.

2star course yesterday, and i am totally convinced that:
1. in 1star, you learn how not to capsize, but;
2. in 2star all the way to 5star, you find new ways to capsize.

we used dancers (again!) that merrily twirled us offcourse each time we tried to do proper strokes. it was quite boring. but fun as well. first time i've been to pasir ris sea sports club... wow the sea's damn clean la. no danger of stepping on carcasses when you're launching your boats heheh. quite cool as only the girls' team had their course there. and yeah we jus had to visit the mega playground during lunch break! heheh.

went to marche's for dinner with sheil lise mz weilin micht her friend ru da huiyuan and of course sam! not all my usual clique but it was not bad la. as usual we waited for ages to go in (talk about being fashionably LATE heheh), met at 7 and went in at 8 ha. wooaahhh the food was damn good heh. but we spent alot of time queueing. at least it aids the digestion yeah. huiyuan and i had all these wonderful ideas about what to eat but in the end we didn't eat all that much after all. not bad.

Friday, August 15, 2003

ha so nice of me! ooh i've finally added links! maybe not so computer-illiterate after all. but i don't know how to upload pics. wtf.

oh yeah and sign my guestbook yup. thanks :] i even have a new one!

man had first soccer training in like, years yesterday. gaya joined! man im damn happy haha. we had lots of fun ya. and this goes out to abs- KC was there yep. we played with him too. man he's damn cute la agreed. and real nice too. so why don't you join soccer too? ;)

walked out of school with gaya to catch a cab to fort canning green. was jus telling her how i absolutely abhor it when some asshole suddenly turns up a little distance down the road and snatches the first cab that comes along. well anyway then some asshole turned up a little distance down the road and snatched the first cab that came along. ya so we were hopping mad but at least we managed to get a cab jus after.

arrived at fort canning found the rest on mats spread out along the side. watched the first ballet. gosh it was boring! i guess ballet isn't really my kind of thing, no matter what the rest of you say. ha. so aaron and i decided to accompany andrew to buy water. and instead of merely buying water, we ended up roaming ps and pilfering free water from the dispenser outside cafe cartel. aaron had this great idea that air hockey would be decidedly more entertaining than a ballet, so we headed to the arcade for a game or two. ended up playing eight games. oh gawd. the darned pucks flew everywhere. one slid most conveniently beneath the table and i had to wiggle spreadeagled under the table. since aaron and andrew couldn't fit. shit it was damn dusty la. laughed till our sides ached. most of the goals were darned own goals haha. andrew ended up with a sore wrist from the puck smacking into it most of the time. so he can't do his gp essay HA.

we returned to the ballet after a very fulfilling hour. shit la paid $5.20 for bag deposit. we were in time for the last performance though, which andrew paid rapt attention to. i didn't though. ballet really isn't my kind of thing. aaron and i were contemplating going off to starbucks but we didn't in the end. well at least it was a good class gathering and a nice way to say bye to liong. yeah.

i have two-star course this morning. hope all goes well. i need my tan! the canoeists are all losing their tans (with the exception of carol, haha). sheesh okay.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

ah shit whatever am i doing up at this unholy hour blogging. heheh. a phygeog test tomorrow and i'm positive that i'm gonna flunk it. jus don't seem to be able to absorb any geomo stuff. wasn't like that for hydro... i jus don't get it. wtf.

when we take our clothes off
don't you know the world stops
when we touch when we kiss
when we shut up for a moment turn out the light
we are reminded by the one thing forget how to fight
you and me or nothing cuz we got tonight
when we touch when we kiss
when we shut up
it just had to be you

nick lachey shut up

dammit i'm currently addicted to this song. the chorus and pre-chorus are damn nice la. some other songs that i can't get out of my mind now:

craig david spanish
dreamz fm should i stay
don richmond bent ( i can't download this anywhere! dammit!)
jason mraz the remedy
santana & alex band why don't you and i

had a drive driven by your love
but when you messed around i lost the drive i found
thought you needed needed someone true
but you changed your mind or had i failed you

wished you've been careful with my heart
but you tore it apart and broke an angel's heart
i guess what's true has an end somehow
but i am living proof of what love is about

it's hard holding you loving you losing you
it's sad to be true and be fooled by you
i don't know i gotta go wanna know
should i stay or should i go

you played me on played me like a clown
but i feel for you even though i'm down
my heart is heavy heavy like a rock
but i am so amused you're still in my thoughts

what's done is done and i'll never feel the same
but we had some good times guess it's sad just the same
i guess the truth doesn't matter somehow
but you were living proof of what love is about

dreamz fm should i stay