Sunday, April 20, 2008

almost done

Brought my Rogue rings to a playground at one of the elementary schools in Ann Arbor, tossed the straps over (ironically enough) a mounted ring set, and worked on some ring skills this morning. Rings are humbling! I'll post more when I have some time...

As of now, only my history final tomorrow stands between me and the end of my undergraduate career... but I still have four more chapters to study. Die.

Well, I’m not paralyzed
But I seem to be struck by you
I want to make you move
Because you’re standing still
If your body matches
What your eyes can do
You’ll probably move right through
Me on my way to you


Anonymous said...

Hey. I am really impressed with the crossfit trainings you do there you look really fit and in tip-top condition. I was just wondering how do you get rid of the belly cos I have been doing crunches, sit ups and alot of cardio.
Everything seems to look more define except the tummy.

Feng said...

anonymous -- Thanks for dropping by! :) CrossFit is an important part of my life (as you've probably realized)...
I'm no expert on exercise but I can tell you that there's no such thing as spot reduction and too much cardio can actually be counterproductive when it comes to fat loss. I know, it sounds counter-intuitive but that really is the case.
Drop me an email at ikiddyounot05(at)hotmail(dot)com if you want to chat more! Good luck with your training.


Spider63 said...


Anonymous said...

yup. took down your mail add! Thanks anyway and I do agree with the 'no such thing as spot reduction' cos I did gather some information here and there but was still trying out some workout to see whats best!