Wednesday, March 12, 2008

oldies but goodies

Okay, so I discovered Leqi's stash of photos from junior college days, tucked away in the obscure crevices of the World Wide Web... thanks, partner!

Gao Shang's doing some sort of sexy shuffle in the middle, the look of disgust on Weiqi's face is priceless, can't tell what the heck Lydia is thinking, Mag looks like an agitated mother trying to keep her unruly child in check, both Leqi and Vania seem to be intensely fixated on the ground (or their toes, or each other's toes, for that matter) while Shine's beaming benevolently at an earthworm before she squashes it beneath her sandal, Carol looks as though she's about to fall asleep which is surprising, considering she's seldom awake in the first place, Zhen looks like she's stuffing a wadded medal ribbon up her nostrils, and Sheryl and I are wondering how we've ended up as the unlucky two on the ends of the photo (as everyone in our team is fully aware, standing at the ends has the unwanted effect of enlargement).

GS (cackling): "Hey, wanna see? ;)".
Zhen: "Thank you kindly, but we'd rather not".
Lydia: "Mmmmmmmmfffffgggghhhhhh".

Hangout @ Mt. Sinai (aka. the old RJC weight room, where I spent some of the best times of my life - an infinitely better place to be than in economics tutorial).

And the canoeists' table!


Fergus said...

Wow! This is so cool.. I recently found your blogs because you posted crossfit websites sometime ago, and I was interested in crossfit and I am from Singapore.

Anyway, I check up your page today, and I see the name Leqi, which is my ntu friend. This is way cool.

So qiao.

I'm still a crossfit newbie though.. Just watching the videos in awe :)

Anonymous said...

omg, can't believe you actually dug out those photos and posted them! i don't even remember putting them up on www. damn hilarious can...

Anonymous said...

omg fy! very unglam! how could you do this to your friends?! and what agitated mother i think gs was stepping on my toes!! HAHAH